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Welcome to Catfish Air!
Our airline is filled with both friendly and helpful pilots who love to fly and make new pilot friends. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. We like to think we are the perfect place for pilots who are new to VATSIM, IVAO, or even virtual airlines. We are filled with pilots who would love to help you with whatever you may need help with.

If you are tired of having to download, install, and configure second party software to track your flights, then you have come to the right airline. We offer our pilots the ability to fly online on either the VATSIM network or the IVAO network without the need for secondary software. In fact, no flight logging software is needed. Just join, book, fly...it is that easy!

Here is what we offer:

1. Support for X-Plane as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator (We also work with PC as well as MAC systems)
2. Ability to fly on both VATSIM (preferred) as well as IVAO
3. Fly whatever aircraft you like. Schedules have suggested aircraft, but pilots are free to fly whatever aircraft they desire. So, if you spent money on an additional aircraft, you are welcome to fly it. Our motto on aircraft is, "If you have it, we have it."
4. Fly wherever you like. Existing schedules take pilots to over 325 U.S. destinations, 10 Canadian destinations, all over the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Alaska, Europe, and the Middle East. Pilots also have the option to schedule their own flights anywhere in the world!
5. Fly for a purpose.
a. Earn awards for flying tours (series of flights).
b. Earn awards for flying assigned flights. (Assigned flights are not mandatory and expire after 30 days. After 30 days, another flight assignment will appear which you can fly if you like.)
c. Earn awards for flying certain aircraft a certain number of times.
d. Earn awards for flying in Catfish Air VATSIM events.
e. Earn ranks based on your number of hours flown. We have 11 ranks a pilot can earn.
Note: Awards are automatic. When award critera are met, the award will be earned at midnight (server time) the same day. Catfish pilots do not have to bear the burden of proof to earn awards. Awards will be given as soon as the criteria are met.
6. Fly either VFR patterns or IFR flights...all count towards your rank.
7. Fly C-17's or C-130's in the Middle East. Participation in our Task Force Thunder in the Middle East will earn pilots awards. (Middle East routes also include the Blackhawk helecopter as well as the Chinook helecopter.)
8. Compete to become our top pilot for the month. Fly either the most flights, the most hours, or the most miles for the month and you will have the bragging rights for an entire month.
9. Probably the most important thing Catfish Air offers is a fun, friendly, pleasant place to indulge in your love of online flight simulation.

Some virtual airlines impose strict rules and regulations just to be a part of their organization. Not here at Catfish Air...you will be welcomed and treated as a person rather than a call sign. We understand that we are playing a game...and games should be fun. We do everything we can to keep online flight simulation fun and exciting.

So there you have it, everything Catfish Air offers its pilots. So what are you waiting for? Join today and give us a try. You may just be pleasantly surprised.


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Master Service Ribbon
Earned by John Wheeler - 11 days ago

Rank upgrade by John Mullen - 56 days ago
New Orleans Charter #3: Roanoke
Completed by Brian LaFleur - 57 days ago
Houston Charter #1: Monroe
Completed by Brian LaFleur - 63 days ago
New Orleans Charter #3: Newport News
Completed by Brian LaFleur - 65 days ago
New Orleans Charter #1: Galveston
Completed by Brian LaFleur - 71 days ago
New Orleans Hub Hopper Route
Completed by Brian LaFleur - 117 days ago
Iron Pilot Ribbon
Earned by Brian LaFleur - 165 days ago
Winnipeg Hub Ribbon
Earned by Brian LaFleur - 173 days ago
Houston Passenger Service Tour
Completed by Brian LaFleur - 174 days ago


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Jason Diket3025:11
Scott Bourque2923:04
Vitor Gonzales Serret1787:32
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